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BFC Symbology


Rodion G.A. – Cantec Fulger

Rodion G.A.

R. Stevie Moore – There is no God in America (1983)

Nice Theme

I can think of no other piece of music that shambles away so aggressively and is yet so masculinely optimistic all at once.  This is the kind of number that gives a man enough courage to harass a waitress who works at a pancake house with a molded resin Blues Brothers statue out front and also concoct endearing  yet somewhat dangerous pranks to play on his rural golfing buddies.  This could also be the running soundtrack of a guy that doesn’t do much swimming anymore but if he did, his confidence would never recoil in the cold before drying off.  Even if I have yet to see his show I strongly believe that he is the kind of man that can seize the overlooked evidence as well as the napkin digits in equal measure and is well respected and openly acknowledged for this talent throughout town – and all just because of this real nice theme here.  It was composed by Pete Carpenter and Mike Post and won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement.  It was also released as a single that stayed on The Billboard Hot 100 for 16 weeks, peaking at the the #10 spot.  This seems like it must be a record for a TV show theme, but it probably isn’t.  It deserves all of this high praise and then some.

Better Dad Than Dead




Slow Steady Stream Trickling On Down or Gushing Geyser Blasting Up Into the Mouth of a Lone Cackling Hobgoblin